21 July 2014

Fresh Starts & New Beginnings

Michigan Bedroom

"A glorious something else awaits" - Cheryl Strayed

I have started this new blog, and left my old one behind because I felt that it only reflected the person I was, and not the person who I wanted to be. This blog is my hope that wanting to share a beautiful life will motivate me to create one for myself.

I am often impulsive, and have a hard time settling. I change my mind all the time, and over the past year, I feel as though I mastered the art of leaving. I left the longest relationship I've ever been in, and dissolved a few old friendships. My parents sold my childhood home. I moved across the country, only to move back. I have lived in five cities in the past six months.

Two months ago, I left Los Angeles to attend the creative writing MFA program at Southern Illinois University. As I drove back to the Midwest, I spent nights in hotels, reading Cheryl Strayed's Tiny Beautiful Things: Advice on Love and Life from Dear Sugar

The book was filled with so much wisdom. Every single piece of advice was something that I needed to hear during a time filled with so much transition. In one of her letters, she writes, "A glorious something else awaits." As I drove across the country, I heard the words repeating themselves over and over in my mind. I said them as I passed over mountains. I said them as I drove, dry-mouthed, through long stretches of desert. I said them at the edge of the Grand Canyon. A glorious something else awaits.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 3.32.31 AM

I value how raw and candid I am, but there are parts of myself I want to refine. I want to spend my time cultivating kindness and developing healthier habits. As cliche as it sounds, I want to try and be the best version of myself.

For now, I am comfortable with becoming.